Moliere once stated:
“We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do”.." 

Corporate managements are repeatedly exposed to this conflict during development and implementation of compliance management systems (CMS). They have to ask themselves from what point is their CMS overbearing, uneconomical, too complex and confusing. And, from what point and in which business units is the adopted CMS lacking, i.e., insufficient.

Not every department needs to meet the same challenges and criteria. Compliance and thus continued internal and external regulations differ according to the department, country and corporate specifications.

The challenge for corporate management, however, remains to know both the existing and specific corporate relative regulations and to define and implement appropriate and risk reducing measures.

As an expert in this field, I will assist you in your obligations by:

  • Examining the existing compliance procedures

  • Establishing risk analyses

  • Developing adequate preventive measures and assisting you in their implementation

In the unlikely event of any non-compliance necessitating forensic tests, as a certified expert for white collar crime and compliance, I will provide court accepted documentation of the facts in order to provide transparency and to assist the court’s decision process.


White Collar Crime

Forensic investigations are often required in litigation, lawsuits, litigation and hearings in criminal and civil law. In these cases, the systematic search, analysis and content-related evaluation of information is required.

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Cases of non-compliance, amongst other things, can lead to reduced profits, higher attorney fees, business penalties, reputation and financial losses or depending on the severity of the offense, it could lead to existential loss of the company.

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My customers from the areas of financial services, law, health, restaurants and other services include companies such as