Integrity is only possible when everyone who is involved is aware of given rules and regulations

Compliance: from theoretical rules and regulations to best practice

Cases of non-compliance, amongst other things, can lead to reduced profits, higher attorney fees, business penalties, reputation and financial losses or depending on the severity of the offense, it could lead to existential loss of the company. I am focused on providing appropriate preventive advice in order to avoid above-mentioned risks and to review and adapt the implemented measures as well as compliance processes to ensure adherence to the given rules. Long lasting experience in the national and international financial and insurance markets help me to quickly familiarize myself with the processes and the subject matter so that I will be able to talk to you and your employees competently and at eye level. Consequently, compliance does not only become a theoretical set of rules but a practice that is taken for granted and will be lived according to the needs.

Individual Services

  • Support in the definition and implementation of a Compliance Management System (CMS)

  • Conducting compliance reviews

  • Preparation of audit reports

  • Support in the development of a company-specific Compliance Management System

  • Review and Assessment of Compliance Management Systems

  • Development and conduct of specific compliance trainings

  • Support of the Compliance Officer in his duties

What does "compliance" mean?

A brief overview

Translated, compliance means "conduct in accordance with the rules", i.e. in the narrower sense of the term, adherence to external and internal regulations such as laws and process manuals. In this respect, a Compliance Management System is nothing more than a structured, verifiable set of rules that must be adhered to within the framework of processes.

A Compliance Management System includes, for example, guidelines such as

    • Code of Ethics
    • Anti-Corruption Policy
    • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
    • Whistleblowing Hotline
    • Data protection regulations
    • Environmental and sustainability guidelines
    • Competition requirements
    • Etc.

In addition to assessing the effectiveness and functionality of implemented Compliance Management Systems, my tasks as an expert include as well consulting and support activities for the setup and the implementation of appropriate, risk-based Compliance Management Systems. Thereby, it is important to develop an understanding of the company's demands and risks, because an overloaded Compliance Management System can quickly become a risk in itself - too much information often means a lack of attention!

My customers from the areas of financial services, law, health, restaurants and other services include companies such as