"Worse than being blind is not wanting to see." (V.I. Lenin)

Who can still afford to close ones eyes today? 

Company management is repeatedly confronted with this dichotomy when developing and implementing a compliance management system (CMS). They have to ask themselves at what point is the company's own CMS overburdening, uneconomical, unclear and incomprehensible for the organisation and at what point and in what areas is the implemented CMS incomplete or insufficient?

Not every industry faces the same challenges. Compliance and the associated internal and external regulations differ according to industry, country and company specifics. However, the challenge for the company management remains to know the applicable regulations that are valid for the company and to define and implement the appropriate risk-reducing measures. As an expert in this field, I am assisting by reviewing the existing compliance processes, developing risk assessments and suitable preventive measures and I am supporting you in implementing the same.

However, should compliance violations have occurred and forensic investigations become necessary, as a certified expert for white-collar crime and compliance I will prepare an expertise that can be used in court. This report will be based on the facts found, analysed and evaluated in order to provide transparency and necessary decision-making aids.

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