Project-Related Support

Identify and secure business opportunities despite ever-increasing regulatory requirements

Not only increasing competitive pressure and innovative changes in the market, but especially constantly growing challenges due to new legal and regulatory requirements force companies to constantly set up new projects in addition to their daily business. If they do not comply, they risk sanctions and damage to their reputation if the new requirements are not implemented in time.

Often, due to personnel bottlenecks, the same resources from day-to-day business are used again and again and one wonders why many projects can neither be implemented on time nor on budget. This often results in so-called "never-ending projects", which per se contradict the idea of a project, namely a time-limited, goal-oriented project.

As a result, projects are now often seen as a burden in the company and the opportunities offered by successfully implemented projects are overlooked. Even more so when it comes to the "annoying regulatory requirements". Yet a well-implemented project that implements the regulatory requirements in a risk-oriented and company-specific manner leads to a number of opportunities, such as increased quality standards, motivation and team spirit in the company as well as optimised efficient processes.

For this reason, projects in the regulatory environment in particular always require stringent and competent leadership with clearly defined goals. This means that in addition to the methodological, content-related skills, especially in this area, the social skills are decisive for the success of the project. What is needed here is a motivator who can convince both the project members and the stakeholders that this project is important and beneficial for the company. This is only possible if the project manager knows what he is talking about in terms of regulation and implementation as well as project cycles according to Deming's Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA) approach.

Performance elements

  • Project management and project support for the implementation of new regulatory requirements for the financial services and insurance sector
  • Review of existing processes in the area of financial services under efficiency and compliance aspects for the development and implementation of corresponding measures
  • Interim takeover of the compliance, data protection and anti-money laundering officer function in the event of longer-term absences of the appointed officers
  • Training of internal data protection, money laundering and compliance officers within the framework of a mentoring function
  • Support in the context of internal audit reviews as an expert for money laundering, data protection, compliance and outsourcing management in the financial services and insurance sector
  • Support with special tasks in connection with compliance requirements (e.g. as part of the preparation of external, supervisory audits)

Your advantages when commissioning Linda Liesum:

A brief overview
  • Many years of experience as a project staff member and project manager in national and global projects; The challenges of management and senior management are familiar and the language is understood and spoken
  • Qualification as project officer based on DIN 69901 and Six Sigma.
  • Packing instead of packaging.
  • Problems are solved instead of being concealed with glossy film.
  • With the "expert view from outside", I am a valuable and neutral source of knowledge for your company.
  • Process-oriented and thus holistic and sustainable thinking & acting.
  • Besides my own project experience and many years as a manager and auditor, I know how important good team spirit is. I know how to best resolve occasional conflicts.