Education begins with curiosity (Peter Bieri)

Those, who know are well aware that I am endowed with a curiosity that is worth your while! I am continuously expanding my wealth of knowledge and experience through the practice of my profession and through targeted training courses.

My most recent certification as "Compliance Officer - ZCO" (from the Steinbeis Academy in association with the Steinbeis University Berlin) is a further proof.


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The future depends on what we do today (Mahatma Gandhi)

Today is preceded by a time - and in my case it is now 6 years - in which I have been working independently as an expert in white-collar crime and compliance.

At this point I would like to thank many people who have made this possible

  • partners, friends, family for their support
  • my clients, for their orders and follow-up orders
  • my service providers, who support me in doing my work on time,…

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The reason for my enthusiasm to work internationally

Internationality has always been a very important criterion in my career choice.

Here I had the opportunity to get to know other countries, other cultures and other business terms. This has shaped my thinking and actions and now helps me to support globally active companies in my areas of expertise.

Not without reason I trained to become a Certified Fraud Examiner with the Accreditation Body in…

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