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The reason for my enthusiasm to work internationally

Internationality has always been a very important criterion in my career choice.

Here I had the opportunity to get to know other countries, other cultures and other business terms. This has shaped my thinking and actions and now helps me to support globally active companies in my areas of expertise.

Not without reason I trained to become a Certified Fraud Examiner with the Accreditation Body in USA and an ISO Certified Expert in Economic Crime & Compliance with the Accreditation Body of the EU Commission as well as an Expert with the Accreditation Body in Switzerland. Through this, I have become familiar with international legal standards. I can apply these to my globally operating clients on site at any time, e.g. in the context of management system audits.

My knowledge of German, English, French and Spanish helps me in my tasks.

My clients currently include those based in European, Asian and Anglo-Saxon countries.

Contact me if you need solutions for your business.

Yours, Linda Liesum